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What am I doing here?

Updated: Jun 22, 2021


Welcome to my blog! I am writing to you from my office dining space. My view of the mountains and the heat of this quant French village beats through however, the calm wind of the fresh Alps softly cools the room.

A little history of me:

I was born Canadian, raised Italian, and fell in love in France. My love story is for another blog another time. So, what am I doing here in France other then love?

I am defiantly experiencing the flavours and the culture of this very dynamic country.

The bonus of being so close to Switzerland and Italian boarder is more seasonal vegetables and fruits. Yes, of course the cheese and wine adds space on the table!

I have learnt so much about Seasonal Foods from meat, fish, cheese, and of course fruits and vegetables. I will share this experience within my blogs because I do believe that eating seasonally; in every category, is important and there is a difference in taste and smell.

This is where your senses come to play and your digestion takes action; even before eating!

As a Nutritionist, this blog gives me great pleasure in sharing my healthy recipes with family, friends, clients and readers. With every recipe I share, there will be a health benefits review because it is important to know what you are eating and why you are eating it.

This is part of the satisfaction and for the love of food!

In some blogs, I will also write restaurant reviews. Once again, restaurant's that believe in the same philosophy in eating seasonally, locally, and healthy!

Thank you in advanced for taking the time to sit at my table and sharing with friends and family. You are welcome to communicate through email or through my social network pages Facebook and Instagram.

Please note that some Blogs will be in French and Italian however, you will be able to use the translator. If you have any issues with translations, please do not hesitate to connect.

Bon Appétit!

Virginia Candelaresi CNP, RNCP

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